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Have you welcomed a new baby into your family? Maybe you have young ones running through your home already. There is nothing like the gift of life to inspire you to consider your own. And although it may not seem important at this time, estate planning is one of the most important next steps to take.

You want to ensure everything is in place for a smooth transition for your family, no matter the circumstances that might occur in the future. During an often-emotional time such as unexpected death, a well-thought-out estate plan relieves some of the burdens.

Although the thought of planning your estate seems overwhelming, you don’t have to go it alone.

Friendly & Relatable Estate Planning Services for Your Family

I offer friendly, relatable and convenient estate planning services for you and your family. I take the time to create a plan that is custom tailored to you and your unique needs, something a standard form just can’t do. As an experienced estate planning lawyer, I dive deep into the details, ensuring what you need is reflected in your plan through creativity and legal insight.

As a mother, I understand firsthand the importance of planning for your future. I also know how overwhelming the process can be without the proper guidance. That’s why I believe in convenience and communication, giving you access to me directly throughout the process. You won’t do it alone.

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Estate Planning: More Than Just Your Will

Did you know that estate planning includes more than just creating your will? In fact, there are multiple steps in estate planning, including:

  • Asset titling and transfer
  • Real estate ownership
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Health care agent appointment
  • Power of attorney appointment
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Empowering You Through Education & Customization

Often, families find it easier to simply seek out a do-it-yourself will online to complete. Although this may be a valid start for some people, these forms are incredibly limited and may leave important information behind. And you never quite know what you’re signing or why.

Never sign a legally binding document without being completely informed. That’s why I believe in the empowerment of understanding and make it my top priority. Creating a customized estate plan for your family is my passion. And I will educate you every step of the way.

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Ways to Work With Me

Planning for a new stage of life should be simple, easy to understand, and unique to your needs. I offer a few different ways you can work with me to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Estate planning packages

All estate packages include a will, health care directive, power of attorney, a comprehensive review of your assets and customized drafting. Many plans involve trusts as well, and I will help you decide if a trust plan is right for you.

A la carte services

Any part of the estate planning package is available separately, such as a power of attorney or health care directive. I also offer deeds including transfer on death deeds or quit claim deeds to coordinate your real estate ownership with your estate plan, or to fund an existing trust.

In the shuffle of family life, work, and play, it’s hard to fit anything else in.

That’s why I aim to remain as flexible as possible. There are various ways you can meet with me, including at my office and virtual meetings via video.

Your estate planning process should be comfortable and convenient. With us, you get the estate plan you need with the care you deserve. Based on Oakdale and Woodbury, I serve clients throughout the Twin Cities and across the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Feel Empowered in Your Estate Plan

I focus on helping you understand your options while creating a plan that is perfect for your family.

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