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Do you know how your assets will transfer when you reach the last stage of life? Does the thought of planning for this stage cause anxiety and overwhelm? It doesn’t have to.

At Hable Law based in Oakdale and Woodbury, Minnesota, your peace of mind is our top priority. Creating an estate plan now will ensure that peace of mind continues on to your family when the time comes.

An estate plan is more than a few forms you’ve downloaded off the internet. It’s more than penning your wishes down on a notepad. An estate plan involves ensuring everything passes legally and according to your wishes, minimizing the stress on your family and preparing you for the future.

Simple and Easy to Understand Estate Plans Tailored to You

I offer simple and easy-to-understand estate planning packages that are tailored to fit YOU. All of my estate planning packages include:

I also offer the following estate planning and administration services

Don’t need every aspect of the full estate plan?

I will tailor the plan for a custom fit. I offer flat-fee billing so you’re never surprised with unexpected costs. You will benefit from different methods of communication including office meetings, video calls, and email communication.

Convenient and secure sharing of your information is a priority to me. You can send information through secure online forms and I will share your documents with you through my client portal. Staying true to your already busy lifestyle, my goal is to make the estate planning process simple for you.

"I want to have a say in what happens to my assets after I die."

Do You Really Need an Estate Plan?

It is a common misconception that estate planning is only for the wealthy. Most aspects of estate planning are equally important for families and individuals from all walks of life. Read more here.

Why Choose Me When You Can DIY?

There are various ways to complete your own estate plan through do-it-yourself (DIY) services and forms. However, these services and forms are often lacking in specificity, leaving you open to mistakes and increased liability at the end of your life. If not completed correctly, signed properly, or coordinated with your assets, you could find yourself unprotected.

With me by your side, you receive even more than a comprehensive estate plan. You receive individualized attention and knowledgeable guidance throughout the entire process. You receive advice and the industry insight needed to make informed decisions about the future.

Going it alone is overwhelming. I’m here to help facilitate the best estate plan for you and your family, without the confusion.

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You need an estate plan to make your wishes known and clarify passing on your estate to your family. But, you don’t have to do it alone. We offer peace of mind for every stage of life.

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