Planning for what happens to your “stuff” and the people you love after you die is simply something no one wants to talk about. I agree—this is a difficult topic. But planning for your future by creating your last will and testament is the best way to secure your assets and clarify your wishes for your family in the event of your death.

I know what you’re thinking: “I’m still young.” “I’m in really great health.” “Our assets are pretty simple.” But let’s be real—the unexpected happens, often leaving your loved ones with more than they can handle or without being able to carry out your wishes.

Don’t leave your family confused about what to do next, and questioning what you would have wanted. Instead, get a will in place now, tailored to you and your wishes.

What Is a Will and Why Do You Need It?

A will is a legal document that outlines all your wishes regarding your assets. A will outlines:

  • Who will care for your minor children
  • What should happen with all your personal property and heirlooms
  • Who you want to be responsible for administering your estate (paying final expenses and distributing assets to your heirs)
  • Who should receive business or investment assets

And much more. You need a will to set forth what you expect in the event of your death, saving your family from figuring it out alone.

Updating Your Will

Another common concern that may be holding you back from making your will is feeling like once it’s done that everything is set in stone. Keep in mind that you can update your will when you want to make changes.

"I want to decide who would take care of my children."

Preparing You for All Seasons With Experience

Although it’s possible to download a pre-made template for your will, it’s ill-advised to go it alone. Often with template wills, assets are inadvertently passed independently, or proper signatures are not obtained, leaving your family with a will that won’t hold up in court. Although this method appears economical now, it could end up costing much more money and time in the end.

I take the time to go over your assets, using my experience in the field to do a comprehensive review of all your assets to make sure assets passing outside of your will are coordinated with your plan. I make sure the proper documentation is complete, all signatures are gathered, and that you’re left feeling comfortable and satisfied with your plan.

I offer wills inside of my estate planning packages. I can meet you where you are, communicating through video, in your home or in my office. You’re busy; allow me to accommodate your needs, ensuring your future is taken care of in the best way possible.

Reach Out to Hable Law Today to Get Started on Your Will

Don’t leave your future up to a template that doesn’t fit you or your family’s needs. Instead, work with an estate planning professional who can listen to you and create a will that reflects your wishes.

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